Securing Your property with a CCTV Solution (Bristol & Bath)

Whether you have a commercial or residential property here in Bristol or Bath, security is always a consideration. Many of us rely on ring door bells or similar devices such as wifi enabled cameras. Whilst they definitely have their place in the arsenal of security measures a full cctv setup for your home or business is a must.

Here's why:


To truly protect our homes and businesses we must have a full perimeter of security cameras, whilst a ring camera will cover your front door or part of your driveway a multitude of CCTV cameras around the perimeter of your property will inevitably capture several different angles and cover a wider section over our properties.


Whilst wireless cameras are a fantastic solution, the apparent problem that is occurring more and more are wifi jammers, these relatively low cost devices can block wifi signals including the signals that connect your wireless cameras. A hardwired CCTV installation will not have this problem. As all cables go direct to a recorder either NVR (Network video recorder or Digital Video Recorder)

Battery Life

All batteries have a shelf life, at some point batteries need to be charged or changed. Eufy have some cctv cameras with a solar panel built in. Again a fantastic solution, however a two camera kit that at time of writing costs over £500 will have a battery life of approximately 3 years and a battery that is constantly on recharge over that period is never going to last. There's no need for this worry with a CCTV kit from us. All cameras are powered from the NVR itself.

So to protect your business or home, get a full cctv setup installed. We have cameras that can give you two way conversations, full colour at night, number plate recognition, cameras that have strobe lights, cameras that can automatically notify you of an intruder, cameras that can tell the difference between a vehicle, a human or a cat, but more importantly a CCTV system that will protect your property all year round, day or night with true reliability.

More ways to protect your property in Bristol or Bath as recommended by Avon and Somerset police 





Securing Your property with a CCTV Solution (Bristol & Bath)
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