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BT NTE5 Master Socket, ADSL Filter and Broadband Stabiliser Replacement Kit

The perfect kit for anyone having trouble with their Broadband,

Our kit comes with

  • 1 x NTE5 Master BT Socket with a belwire filter built in (reduces crosstalk with telephone extension wires)
  • 1 x ADSL Filter (Old filters can be unreliable or damaged over time)
  • 1 x Broadband Stabiliser (Reduces background noise your telephone line can pickup from external sources) Can also increase speed.
  • 1 x Plastic IDC tool (for connecting the wires on the NTE5)

How it works.

Simply replace your old Master NTE5 with ours using the supplied plastic idc tool. Built within this NTE5 socket is a bell wire filter, bell wires can pick up noise from other cables around your house/office that interferes with your broadband connection. Plug the ADSL filter into your new NTE5, ADSL Filters can age over the years and it is recommended these are changed every couple of years. Hearing crackling on a call is a common problem with ADSL filters. Next plug the Broadband stabiliser into the RJ11 connection of the ADSL Filter. A broadband stabiliser similar to a bell wire filter is a little device that eliminates electrical noise picked up from external sources, this could be anything from faulty power adapters, kettles, street lamps even christmas lights. Lastly plug in your ADSL cable to your Modem/Router and see the instant improvements.


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