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Dex Seal 2/4 External Telephone Joint Connection Box for Overhead Telephone Cables - Dexseal 2/4

The DexSeal 2/4 is used for the connection of telephone cable externally, this external joint box is perfect for the connection external telephone or data cables, it's waterproof and includes jelly crimps. It's designed in such a way that cable entry is at either end allowing the cables to be connected in-line. This item is a direct replacement for the 3m Scotch Joint as used previously by Openreach

DexSeal 2/4 is made in the UK by Dex Green and used by BT for incoming telephone line connections. This overhead joint is a must have for connecting telephone cable outside.

  • Dex seal 2/4
  • Waterproof
  • Externally rated junction box
  • Weatherproof enclosure
  • As used and approved by BT Openreach (Previously 3m Scotch Joint)
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