What is Acusense Technology?

AcuSense: The Future of AI-Powered Security, 

Security is a critical concern for both businesses and homeowners. In an increasingly digital world, the need for intelligent, reliable, and efficient security systems is higher than ever. Hikvision, a world-leading provider of security solutions, has made significant strides in this direction with its groundbreaking AcuSense technology.

What is AcuSense?

Hikvision's AcuSense technology is a powerful security solution that leverages deep-learning algorithms to automatically detect humans and vehicles in real-time. Embedded into select security cameras and video recorders, AcuSense minimizes false alarms triggered by animals, falling leaves, heavy rain, and other moving objects, thus allowing users to focus their security resources on real threats.

In Hikvision's laboratories, deep-learning algorithms are trained to classify objects in videos into three categories: humans, vehicles, and others. Users can configure the algorithms based on their specific requirements to detect humans, vehicles, or both and receive instant notifications.

AcuSense technology provides four main functions that can be used independently or in combination, depending on the security needs of the area to be protected:

1. **Motion Detection 2.0:** This function, which is on by default, triggers an automated response when humans and/or vehicles are detected in a camera's view, significantly reducing the number of false alarms compared to conventional motion detection.

2. **Perimeter-Protection Analytics:** This function detects trespassers at perimeters and sends immediate alerts to users via app notifications or short messages. Users can customize the detection area and rules for personalized protection.

3. **Live Guard:** Upon detection of trespassing events, the Live Guard function triggers a flashing light and a customisable siren built into the security camera, alerting potential intruders that they are being monitored.

4. **Quick Target Search:** Video clips are sorted into "Person Files" and "Vehicle Files," enabling users to quickly locate specific clips based on time or location information.

Additionally, Hikvision offers Self-Learning Analytics that use a Learn-by-Example approach. This allows users to mark frequent false alarms in specific scenes, enabling the algorithms to learn from these examples and minimize similar errors in future alarm triggers.

Real-world Applications of AcuSense

AcuSense technology is widely used in a variety of residential and business settings. In alarm receiving or monitoring centers, for example, AcuSense allows operators to focus on human and vehicle-triggered alarms, thus greatly improving work efficiency.

Warehouse owners use AcuSense to get notified when people enter the warehouse, as opposed to getting f