Meet Hikvision’s newest smart hybrid light cameras with ColorVu

Enhance Your Night Vision with Hikvision’s Smart Hybrid Light Cameras with ColorVu

Hikvision's Smart Hybrid Light Cameras with ColorVu are expertly designed to enhance your night vision experience in virtually any environment. These advanced color night vision cameras incorporate cutting-edge technologies such as ColorVu, Super Confocal, and Smart Hybrid Light, ensuring reliable performance and superior imaging capabilities in diverse scenarios.

Key Features:

- ColorVu Technology:Provides vivid, full-color images even in extremely low-light conditions, taking security monitoring to the next level.
- Super Confocal Lens: Offers sharply-focused imaging with precision, ensuring clear and detailed visuals.
- Smart Hybrid Light Technology: Intelligently adapts to varying lighting conditions, ensuring optimal performance in any environment.

These innovative cameras deliver excellent performance with their advanced technologies, making them ideal for various settings. Read on to discover how Hikvision’s Smart Hybrid Light Cameras with ColorVu can create a versatile and reliable security solution for your specific needs.


Equipped with Smart Hybrid Light technology, Smart Hybrid Light Cameras with ColorVu intelligently adapt to varying lighting conditions. The integration of ColorVu technology takes security monitoring to the next level by providing vivid, full-color images even in extremely low-light environments. Read on to learn more about how the excellent performance of these Cameras, and their leading technologies create a versatile ColorVu experience in your specific setting.

Hikvision Smart Hybrid Cctv Cameras in Action.

Exceptional Low-Light Imaging

Experience superior night vision with our advanced Super Confocal Lens featuring an F1.0 Super Aperture.

Monitoring in a smarter way

Security Intelligence gets more visible with AcuSense-powered smart functions based on data analysis, effectively capturing targets in true color.

  • Infrared On

    When there is no person or vehicle in the motion detection area the camera is in IR (Infared) mode.

  • White Light Switches on

    When a person or vehicle enters the motion detection area, the camera light will trigger, enabling full vibrant colour video.

  • IR Back On

    When the person or vehicle leaves the motion detion area the smart hybrid camera will go back to Infared setting.

Hikvision Cameras with ColorVu featuring Smart Hybrid Light technology will allow users to flexibly switch among three supplemental lighting modes, suiting virtually any need or application. Select the lighting mode that best suits your requirements: 24/7 color, IR (B&W), or Smart.

In Smart mode, the smart hybrid light camera maintains infrared illumination until the event triggers colour imaging to capture critical details.

  • Warehouses / Retail Shops/ Restaurants/ Pubs and Clubs.

    Human & vehicle detection using Motion Detection 2.0.

    White supplemental lighting triggered by people or vehicles when in smart mode.

  • Houses, Apartments & Flats.

    Light the way for family and guests when they come near the house

    Deter trespassers in real time with key details captured more effectively. See intruders in full colour Imagery.

  • City Streets

    Don't want the led lights on all the time? These cameras offer brilliant and vivid imaging in dim environments without supplemental lights on. This prevents unwanted or unnecessary attention to properties.