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Network Cabling Bristol.

Here at Bristol Communications and Electrical Ltd, we are specialists in Network Cabling. We are fully qualified Network Cabling engineers, we provide installations of Cat5, Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a and Cat7 network cabling to your requirements. As suppliers and installers of network cabling we often have stock on hand ready for installation, this gives us the ability to install your network to any given time frame. We can install your network cabling throughout your premises whether that be your house, hotel, restaurant, shop, school, office, workshop or industrial unit. 

Our network cabling service is offered to home and businesses throughout Bristol, Bath and the surrounding areas.

Often, we are asked what is the best cabling solution for our Business? 

- Whilst there is no one size fits all, we offer free network cabling quotations within the Bristol and Bath areas. Once we understand your requirements we can give the best network cabling solution.
- To give a small example, a business that transfers images and videos around the office need a higher spec cat6 or cat6a network cabling systems, than a business that is sending smaller data files around the office who only need a cat5e network cabling solution.

What can we do?

As network cabling advances we can provide future proof solutions to maximise the life of your network. We are professional installers of network cabling and have been installing network cabling systems from the outset. 

With many different devices needing access to your network cabling from pc's, telephones, wifi, CCTV and more. We can take on your structured wiring project from design, supply, installation and testing of your data network.

Office moves

Network cabling is often installed in conduit or trunking and stays with the premises when you move. However we can still move your hardware across to your new premises, including your network cabinet, patch panels, cctv system, network switches, servers and phone systems.

Home Network Cabling

We offer our services to both residential and business clients. With Small businesses often working from home we can provide a suitable network to meet your needs. Many gamers require a decent connection to their broadband to stop latency issues, we can install suitable cabling for this requirement. Along with our network cabling service we can also provide the cabling for access points or wifi routers for the areas of the house that have slow or non existent signal.

Fibre Network Cabling

We offer fibre network cabling installation along with our copper network cabling installations if needed. Often fibre is used on bigger installations and can be especially useful when we join two networks together and providing a significant backbone to a network.


Upgrading you network cabling to current specifications and regulations is a must for any business. As technologies advance and new services are offered, IT equipment can become outdated quickly. Often we can utilise your existing infrastructure to provide a seamless transition.

We can add additional network cabling and sockets to any setup and provide the hardware where needed. It may be a case that you have taken over another office or unit and need to link two systems together. We can help with all aspects of upgrading.

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What is Network cabling? 

- Network cabling is commonly used for data networks and ethernet applications, in its basic form it's designed to carry data signals to and from connected devices such as pc's, telephones, faxes, printers, cctv cameras, hubs and switches. There are several different types of network cabling starting with Cat5e as the basic version and then Cat6 for faster ethernet speeds, Cat6a for even faster connections and the Fibre for the backbone of the network.

How much is it going to cost?

- Network Cable installation is effectively a very cheap communications system to install. The main costs generally come from the labour time it takes to install. We provide free network cabling quotes to local Bristol and Bath businesses.

What warranty do I have?

- Generally all our parts are covered by a standard one year warranty, however most network cabling is guaranteed for 25 years by the manufacturer if installed to their specification. As fully qualified network cabling installers we install to these specs.

How long will it take?

- This depends on how big the network installation is and what the obstacles are that we have to go through, for example if all containment is existing we can install network cabling very quickly.

I've only got a small office why do I need network cabling?

- Most smaller offices tend to work over their wifi. However, most telephones, cctv devices and other devices use network cabling to some extent. Whilst we appreciate wifi can be the best option in some circumstances. Using network cabling to connect to the network is much faster and far more reliable. We can provide network cabling for your wifi access points. Along with POE (power over ethernet) switches. We have a range of SOHO, (Small office or home office) products that suit small business needs. 

Where are you located?

- Bristol Communications and Electrical Ltd are family run business that are located in Bristol and 10 Miles from Bath. We offer our network cabling services across Bristol, Bath, North Somerset, South Gloucestershire, Bath and North East Somerset.

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What our customers say:
Philip Weston 
I had a need to install a single Ethernet connection in a room used as an office, a quick message to BCE Direct provided a quote from which an appointment was made. On the day the engineer Mark arrived on time, an quickly assessed the requirements. The work was complete quickly with cables all being timely clipped to the walls and the site left tidy. All in all an excellent service was provided, and I recommend this firm for such work.
Hayley Lang 
Quick and efficient service from the guys at Bristol Communications. Very reliable. I would highly recommended them.
Jacob Dimery 
Great customer service, highly efficient and the lowest cost around.
Austin Gould 
Great service and very professional


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